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This website showcases 'Fishing in the Gairloch Area', the definitive guide to fishing in the vicinty of Gairloch, Ross-shire in the highlands of Scotland. The book is available locally from a selection of local outlets or by post.

Gairloch offers fishing for wild brown trout in wilderness conditions. In a world where even remote angling locations are sometimes lost because of acid rain, environmental disasters, political factors or natural changes such as invading algae or predators, fishing in the north west of Scotland still delivers.

'Fishing in the Gairloch Area' offers visitors a guide on where to find this fishing experience. The book is not prescriptive. It does not tell you how to create an angling experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, but it does point the way. We suggest which lochs you should consider fishing and what flies you might like to use but the rest is up to you.

There is one truism that does stand the test of time in North West Scotland - the further you are prepared to go off the beaten track the more likely you will remember the experience for life. This is definitely not about catching lots of big fish but more about fishing where no-one will fish that day. It's about remoteness, a feeling that you got up early, that you were prepared to put yourself out to venture into one of the few remaining wilderness locations in the UK.

'Fishing in the Gairloch Area' gives you a start, a suggestion on where to go and what you can reasonably expect to catch. The rest is up to you. Do use an OS map and do explore the hill lochs, do your own thing and generate your own memories. Fish from boats available on the local lochs, relaxing amid stunning scenery, again generating memories of fish rising to the dry fly or pulling suddenly on a retrieved wet, but if the fish don't bite you will at least remember the day for the situation, the solitude and somtimes the weather, sunshine or rain.

On this website we talk enthusiastically about fishing in Ross-shire in the North West of Scotland. It still offers an increasingly rare opportunity to experience fishing in the wild, to create precious memories that last a lifetime, to be recalled and thought about or talked about long after the day has passed.

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